A Town Called Alice

Western Australia provided Australia’s Birdman Sean Dooley with an amazing start to his national #AussieBirdCount tour.

Joined by other BirdLife Australia members at Bibra Lake, the squinting sun gave way to a brighter and clearer view of the beautiful distinct species of birds on show minutes from the CBD. Sean wandered through Western Australian eucalypt woodlands, searching through the canopy for birds. Enthusiastic twitchers stood glued on their feet in order not to miss a count.

At the end of day two, the Birdman had sighted 86 species and counted 917 individual birds.

Sean ended his second day of counting by adding 11 species to his list in a count in the Alice Springs airport carpark.

Sean began his third day with Northern Territory bird watcher Amanda Lilleyman looking at shorebirds and Mangrove sites in Darwin.

His top-end adventures continued on a bird date with ABC Darwin’s Lyrella Cochrane.

Join Sean and other Bird Lovers as his national tour heads to Brisbane, Sydney, Adelaide and Melbourne.

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