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In the backyard with… Millie Ross

Find out where Gardening Australia's Millie Ross likes to watch birds.

In the backyard with… Vanessa O’Hanlon

Channel 9 Newsreader Vanessa O’Hanlon explored the Royal Botanic Gardens in Melbourne on a ‘bird date’ with Sean Dooley. Discover how many birds she counted…

In the backyard with… Judith Hoyle

Judith Hoyle's back yard is a 3000sqm block up at Mount Glorious with 112 species on her garden's list.

In the backyard with… Amanda Lilleyman

Amanda Lilleyman, who works as a researcher at Charles Darwin University on the project ‘strategic planning for Far Eastern Curlew’, discovered her passion for birds almost ten years ago!

In the backyard with … Jackie French

Australian author Jackie French AM reveals why one of the dumbest birds in creation is her favourite.

In the backyard with… Tim Entwisle

As the Chief Executive of Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria Professor Tim Entwisle has always been a little jealous of birds: the pollinators and spreaders of seed.

In the backyard with… Jane Edmanson

Jane Edmanson is a popular gardening presenter on television and radio, as well as an author and co-author of several gardening books. She is also a long-time member of BirdLife Australia with a passion for the birds who share her backyard.

In the backyard with… Charlie

Meet Charlie, a bird lover. Charlie is one of the numerous Australian bird lovers who will be taking part in this year’s Aussie backyard bird count. Read on to find out how Charlie developed an interest and passion for birds.

In the backyard with… Holly Parsons

Holly Parsons has been involved in Birds in Backyards on and off since it began back in 1999 and says the unexciting birds are just as important to the count as the rarer ones.

Join us in the backyard for a new series of interviews

To help us countdown to the 2018 Aussie Backyard Bird Count, we will be exploring a range of Australia’s favourite backyards and green spaces in new section of interviews: “In the backyard with…”

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