Chief Counters announced for Aussie Bird Count

A group of famous Australian bird lovers have been named as Chief Counters for BirdLife Australia’s Aussie Backyard Bird Count to help count more than 3 million birds in 7 days when the count begins later this month.

Leading the diverse group of Australians who share a passion for birds and are supporting the 2019 Aussie Backyard Bird Count:

  • journalist Chris Bath who loves birdwatching with her son
  • radio announcer Myf Warhurst who adores the Superb Fairy Wren
  • actor William McInnes who sees the power in how birds bring people together
  • horticulturalist Jane Edmanson who understands the important link between plants and birds
  • musician John Williamson with a passion for the sounds of Aussie birds
  • comedian Alex Lee who finds the humour in the sights, sounds and names of Aussie birds.

Like the thousands of Australians who will participate in BirdLife Australia’s Aussie Backyard Bird Count, the Chief Counters bring a range of experiences to the count and have varying levels of birdwatching knowledge.

“BirdLife Australia is delighted to have the support of so many Australians across the country including our Chief Counters who will play a key role in promoting the importance of the bird count to their communities,” Chief Bird Nerd Sean Dooley said.

“Like the diversity of bird species in Australia, the mix of Chief Counters highlights the range of people who share a passion for birds. We are excited that our unique birdlife has been able to bring together comedians, journalists, gardening gurus and musicians,” he added.

Australians are encouraged to join Chief Counters across the country and get involved in the Aussie Bird Count from 21-27 October.

The updated Aussie Bird Count app allows you to take part anywhere—not just backyards, but in local parks, botanical gardens, schoolyards or beaches—wherever you might see birds.

Start spreading the word with #AussieBirdCount.

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