In the backyard with… Charlie


Meet Charlie, a bird lover. Charlie is one of the numerous Australian bird lovers who will be taking part in this year’s Aussie backyard bird count. Read on to find out how Charlie developed an interest and passion for birds.

When did you discover your passion/interest in birds?

When I was a kid, I would spend a lot of time camping and in the outdoors in general – birds are such a big part of the Australian outback. Learning about them and discovering all the different types was really exciting, and I’ve been intrigued ever since.

Which Australian bird is your favourite and why?

Tawny Frogmouth is my favourite bird, mostly due to a good experience I had with my mum when I was younger that holds a really special place in my heart. Plus, the stuff they can do with their necks is super cool!

Where will you be doing the #AussieBirdCount?

I will be doing the #AussieBirdCount in two possible places: either my backyard or Gardener’s Creek

Tell us a little bit about that outdoor space (ie. Backyard, local park, beach etc)

Gardener’s Creek has a nice little path on both sides of the creek.

Join Charlie and bird watchers across Australia in the 2018 #AussieBirdCount from 22 – 28 October.

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