In the backyard with… Judith Hoyle

Judith Hoyle’s back yard is a 3000sqm block up at Mount Glorious, looking out over to Moreton and Stradbroke Islands to the east with the front of the house looking into the rainforest of D’Aguilar National Park. She can watch Paradise Riflebirds and Regent Bowerbirds from her back deck and, at the right time of year, wake to the call of the Bassian Thrush and Russet-tailed Thrush. Catbirds are abundant in her yard and they also have the bower of a Satin Bowerbird under one of their hedges. Noisy Pittas call from the bush opposite and Eastern Whipbirds frolic in the front garden along with resident Yellow-throated Scrubwrens, White-browed Scrubwrens and Large-billed Scrubwrens! Truly a Glorious place to live!

When did you discover your passion/interest in birds?

I had always been interested in birds but I became a birder in 1980. I had a planned gap of 8 months between jobs so started going to my local sewage farm to count birds. It was a great way to learn the art of birding and I also met my husband at the same sewage farm!

Which Australian bird is your favourite and why?

My favourite bird is the Spinifex Pigeon! It took me decades to choose that bird, but it is the full monty – beautiful to look at, really funny to watch and it is found in the desert country that I love.

Where will you be doing the #AussieBirdCount?

I will be doing the #AussieBirdCount all over the place, but mostly in our garden in Mt Glorious, Queensland. The front of the house is in rainforest and the back of the house looks out over Moreton Island – we have 112 species on our garden list. Wedge-tailed Eagles, Grey Goshawks, Square-tailed Kites, Regent Bowerbirds and Paradise Riflebirds are some of our favourite visitors.

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