Record count during 2017 National Bird Week

WA bird watchers contribute to record Aussie Bird Count in 2017

During BirdLife Australia’s National Bird Week, Australians worked together to count an average of 300 birds per minute as part of the week-long Aussie Backyard Bird Count, one of Australia’s largest citizen science projects.

In seven days, more than 1.9 million birds were counted smashing previous counts by more than 30 per cent with Australian bird lovers submitting more than 60,000 checklists, with most counts occurring in urban areas.

The Aussie Backyard Bird Count was further boosted by increased involvement from families across the country as well as increased participation of councils, schools, universities and libraries.

For the fourth consecutive year, the Rainbow Lorikeet retained its top spot with the Noisy Miner and the Australian Magpie coming in second and third.

BirdLife Australia’s Sean Dooley says the increased number of birds counted this year will give the national organisation a much stronger sense of what’s occurring to Australian birds across the country.

“The data from Birdlife Australia’s Aussie Backyard Bird Count will give researchers insight into the changing bird population across urban areas”, Sean Dooley said.

“It’s thrilling to see the love for birds and birdwatching expand from a niche hobby to a national activity with the count exceeding our expectations”.

The full results will be released in early December and will reveal other trends across the country including how species such as the Laughing Kookaburra are faring.

Until the final results are released, Australians can continue to use the app’s field guide function to identify birds and visit to discover more information on creating bird-friendly gardens.

The count will be held again from 22-28 October 2018.

For more information about attracting birds to your backyard or getting involved in bird conservation across Australia visit

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