Sean Dooley on national tour for #AussieBirdCount

Sean Dooley

Australia’s biggest #birdnerd Sean Dooley

To celebrate BirdLife Australia’s National Bird Week in 2017, Australia’s biggest bird nerd, Sean Dooley, is hitting the road for the ultimate #AussieBirdCount from Sunday 15 October until Monday 16 October 2017.

Fifteen years after blowing his inheritance to become a national twitching ‘Big Year’ champion (counting the most Australian bird species in one year), Sean is once again travelling from coast to coast in search of Australian birds, this time trying to set a record breaking ‘Big Week’, by counting birds purely in our capital cities.

Starting on the West Coast, Sean will visit Perth, Darwin, Brisbane, Sydney, Adelaide and Melbourne with the aim of setting a record for the #AussieBirdCount. As part of the national tour, Sean will lead daily counts in our shared backyards, the Botanic Gardens of Australia, as well as local backyards of Aussie bird lovers, city parks and Key Biodiversity Areas—nature’s hotspots—that can be found in even our biggest cities.

Australians will have the opportunity to beat Sean’s record as they participate in the #AussieBirdCount the following week.

Sean Dooley is an Australian writer, conservationist and birdwatcher. In 2002, Sean broke the Australian birdwatching record for seeing the most species of bird in one year; a feat he wrote about in his first book, The Big Twitch. Currently, Sean is the editor of BirdLife Australia’s magazine, Australian Birdlife, where he writes and speaks on all matters birdy. Across the country he has become known as “The Birdman”.

In 2016, Australian birdwatchers counted more than 1.4 million birds and recorded 576 species using the Aussie Bird Count app, with the Rainbow Lorikeet, Noisy Miner and Australian Magpie topping the list of Australia’s most counted.

The Aussie Bird Count app allows you to take part anywhere—not just backyards, but in local parks, botanic gardens, schoolyards or beaches—wherever you might see birds.
The challenge has been set — can Sean count more species than Australia?

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