The Big Week Begins

Fifteen years ago I criss-crossed Australia in search of birds, trying to break the Australian twitching record for seeing more species than anyone had ever seen before. It was an amazing year and I saw so many of Australia’s incredibly beautiful birds- more than 700 of them!

One thing I noticed was that I didn’t have to go to some far flung national park to find birds. We are so lucky in Australia that our unique birdlife can be found right on our doorstep, even in the middle of our biggest cities.

To prove this I am doing a ‘Big Week’ of birdwatching in the lead up to the Aussie Backyard Bird Count. Visiting six capital cities in seven days, I will attempt to see as many types of birds as I can without leaving the metropolitan area.

From internationally threatened species to everyday common birds like sparrows and pigeons, I’ll count them all because every bird counts. And by the end of the week I should have seen thousands of individual birds of who knows how many species. 100? 150? Maybe even 200?

Whatever the total, I put the challenge out there to see if the rest of the country can see as many? Will you be out for the count, Australia?

Now, let’s get twitching!

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