Tis the season for birds and birdwatching

Join the Aussie Backyard Bird Count from 21-27 October!

The arrival of spring means warmer weather across Australia which will see birds reappear from their winter hideaways ready to be counted in BirdLife Australia’s Aussie Backyard Bird Count from 21-27 October.

With the Bureau of Meteorology forecasting warmer than normal spring temperatures, BirdLife Australia is predicting a record-breaking count in one of Australia’s largest citizen science projects.

“Spring is always an exciting time for bird watchers in Australia, not only because it brings an abundance of birdlife but it also signals the return of the popular Aussie Backyard Bird
Count,” Chief Bird Nerd Sean Dooley said. “Australians will begin to see, and hear, a range of birds returning to their backyards over the coming months, making it the perfect time of year to count,” he added.

Spring also means the birth of many new birds, and data from the Aussie Backyard Bird Count will help BirdLife Australia keep an eye on bird populations across the country. The updated Aussie Bird Count app (available from 1 October) allows you to take part anywhere—not just backyards, but in local parks, botanical gardens, schoolyards or beaches—wherever you might see birds. The national total will be updated in real time, and the app allows you to see which species are being counted in your local area.

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