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From 17-23 October, Australians will head into their backyards for the third annual Aussie Backyard Bird Count and National Bird Week.

Help us shine a light on Aussie birds and the Australians who love them.

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Media Contact

For media interviews, image requests or questions, please contact Jack Walden at the c word via or call 0428 300 090

Images for Media Use

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Top 10 Birds from 2016

  • RainbowLorikeet
    #1 Rainbow Lorikeet
    Image credit: Andrew Silcocks
  • NoisyMiner
    #2 Noisy Miner
    Image credit: Georgina Steytler (
  • Magpie
    #3 Australian Magpie
    Image Credit: Glenn Ehmke
  • Sulphur-crested Cockatoo
    #4 Sulphur-crested Cockatoo
    Image credit: Georgina Steytler (
  • Galah
    #5 Galah
    Image credit: Georgina Steytler (
  • RedWattlebird
    #6 Red Wattlebird
    Image credit: Georgina Steytler (
  • HouseSparrow
    #7 House Sparrow
    Image credit: Georgina Steytler (
  • Common Myna Square
    #8 Common Myna
    Image credit: Andrew Silcocks
  • SilverGull
    #9 Silver Gull
    Image credit: Georgina Steytler (
  • WelcomeSwallow
    #10 Welcome Swallow
    Image credit: Georgina Steytler (

Top Birds by state

  • Rainbow Lorikeet_Jells_Dec13_MG_7111
    QLD, NSW, WA & SA’s top bird – Rainbow Lorikeet
    Image credit: Andrew Silcocks
  • AMagpie_BoolLag_Sept11_MG_3098
    VIC & ACT’s top bird – Australian Magpie
    Image credit: Andrew Silcocks
  • MagpieGoose_Edithvale_Nov10
    NT top bird – Magpie Goose
    Image credit: Andrew Silcocks
  • CBlackbird_Seaford_July11_MG_8600
    TAS top bird – Common Blackbird
    Image credit: Andrew Silcocks

Media Kit

Download the Aussie Backyard Bird Count Media Kit

Media Releases

5/9 – Australia’s real life ‘Pokemon Go’!

2/9 – Swans second chance to score

3/9 – Where will you count? Less than 2 weeks until Aussie Backyard Bird Count begins!

12/9 – How many birds are in your backyard?

17/9 – States in race to become Australia’s top bird counters

17/9 – State specific media release – Which state will count the most birds?

19/9 – Australian Magpie leads national bird count – Australians have counted 400,000 birds in first 48 hours

19/9 – State specific media release – [state] bird watchers have helped count 400,00 birds in first 48 hours

22/9 – Backyard birdwatchers on the brink of new Aussie Bird Count record

22/9 – State specific media release – [state] backyard birdwatchers on the brink of new Aussie Bird Count record

25/11- Backyard birdwatchers break Aussie Bird Count record!

25/11 – State specific media release – Backyard birdwatchers break Aussie Bird Count record!

Pre-recorded Video and Audio Interviews

Index of interviews with links to download

Holly Parsons, BirdLife Australia (Manager of Birds in Backyards)
Full interview (14 questions) – 5 min 51 seconds (1.85GB)

Sean Dooley, BirdLife Australia (Editor, Australian Birdlife Magazine)
Full interview (12 questions) – 10 min 12 seconds (3.54 GB)

Overlay of Sean & Holly Bird watching (17 mins 17 seconds, 6.44 GB)

Background Information

Check out the results from the 2015 Aussie Backyard Bird Count.

Learn more about attracting native birds to your garden.

For more information about Aussie birds visit the BirdLife Australia or Birds in Backyards websites.

Download the Aussie Bird Count app