Bird Quizzes

Banner image asking "What Aussie bird are you?". There is a bird on either side of the text - on the left is a Carnaby's Black-Cockatoo; on the right is a Superb Lyrebird. The background is blue.
What bird are you?
Answer 10 easy questions to find out what Aussie bird best fits your personality!

Banner image that reads, "Aussie Bird ID Quiz". To the right of the text is a bird tail hanging down, and the head and shoulders of a yellow-tailed Black Cockatoo. The background is blue.
Bird ID quiz
Can you identify all 10 of these Aussie birds?

Banner image that reads, "Test your Aussie bird knowledge". Above the text are 3 small flying birds. To the right of the text is an illustration of an owl. The background is blue.
Bird knowledge quiz
How much do you know about Aussie birds? Test your knowledge to find out!

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