2023 Prize Winners

Please note: all prize winners have already been privately contacted to confirm their win. 

 OM SYSTEM Digital Camera Package, donated by OM Digital Solutions.

This package includes:

• OM-D E-M1 Mark II Camera Body
• M.Zuiko Digital 100-400mm f5.0-6.3 IS Lens
• EE-1 Dot Sight

WINNER: J. Donovan, NSW

Optisan Optics LR ED 8×34 Binoculars, donated by Optisan Optics

With its light weight of just 480g and accompanied by a neoprene shoulder strap, it’s great for birders of all ages, even children, allowing for the whole family to enjoy birdwatching trips together.


Garden Ornaments featuring Native Australian Birds, donated by Metalbird

3x large Superb Lyrebird garden ornaments

WINNERS: N. Fokes, NSW; R. Tepper, ACT; A. Penberthy, NSW

15x Blue Wren, Honeyeater or Parrot plant stakes

WINNERS: C. Kershaw, VIC; C. Wilson, VIC; C. Cook, QLD; L. Gosling, QLD; R. Aitken, VIC; A. Bowers, VIC; M. Hall, VIC; J. Watson, NSW; E. Nation, VIC; B. Watts, NSW; L. Stuart, SA; S. Kershaw, WA; M. Gallagher, VIC; D. Mordike, ACT; J. Burton, QLD.

Prints and Calendars, donated by Angela-Robertson-Buchanan (The Bird Photographer)

A2 square photographic print of winners choice
WINNER: G. Maassen, VIC

A3 photographic print of winners choice
WINNER: M. Petrovic, VIC

A4 print of winners choice

3x 2023 Feathered Friends Calendar

WINNERS: R. Green, SA; W. McDonald, NSW; D. Mulyaningsih, NSW

9x Habitats Square Art Print, donated by Eggpicnic

The lucky winner will get to choose nine of their favourite Aussie birds from Eggpicnic’s exhaustive list to create their own custom flock.

WINNER: K. Rothfield, NSW

Book & Pin Prize Pack, donated by The Weekend Birder podcast

Three winners will each receive a bird book & pin prize pack thanks to the brand new Weekend Birder podcast. The prize packs contain:
• The Compact Australian Bird Guide by Jeff Davies, Peter Menkhorst, Danny Rogers, Rohan Clarke, Peter Marsack, Kim Franklin
• 100 Australian Birds by Georgia Angus
• Busy Beaks by Sarah Allen
• Kookaburra Kookaburra by Bridget Farmer
• One enamel birdwatching pin by Bridget Farmer

WINNERS: J. Witham, NSW; S. Reid, SA; T. Pejnovic, VIC

Digitally Printed Scarf of winners choice, donated by Wildlife Scarves

These digitally printed, limited edition scarves faithfully reproduce Warren Wilson’s stunning images and represent the junction of art and creativity.

Birds of Narrm Tea Towel, donated by artist Claire Mosley

One winner will receive a beautiful hand illustrated Birds of Narrm, Melbourne tea towel from artist Claire Mosley.


A big congratulations to all of the lucky prize winners for the 2023 Aussie Bird Count, and a huge thank you to all of our incredible prize sponsors for supporting the event.

And if you haven’t already, be sure to add the 2024 Aussie Bird Count to your calendar – it’ll be back October 14-20, 2024

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