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Adelaide: Painting the town red

Friday was a momentous day in Adelaide’s history—the Aussie Bird Count Big Week came to town…oh, and the Holden manufacturing plant closed after decades of operation in the city, taking with it thousands jobs and significant chunk of the city’s identity.

A Tale of Two Curlews

While out searching through the migratory shorebirds at Buffalo Creek, Amanda Lilleyman, was delighted to find over a dozen Eastern Curlews, the subject of her research with Charles Darwin University. While Amanda was red hot on her shorebird ID, even I was able to pick the curlews out. 

Darwin, the birdiest capital on the planet?

After the initial shock of stepping out of the air-conditioned airport into the sauna that is Darwin, I find the heat energising because it is these tropical conditions that lead to an exuberant abundance of birdlife in the Darwin area.

If it’s Thursday it must be Sydney

Australia’s largest city has a population of around five million, but sometimes it can feel like you are surrounded by 50 million when you are in Sydney. Not the most conducive place for a variety of bird life, you’d think. Well, you’d be wrong.

Here comes the city of Brisbane

Whenever I arrive in Brisbane, I seem to have Go Between songs playing in my head. For me they epitomise the sound of Brisbane as much as a Channel-billed Cuckoo flying over ahead of a summer storm. 

A Town Called Alice

Western Australia provided Australia’s Birdman Sean Dooley with an amazing start to his national #AussieBirdCount tour.

#AussieBirdCount Tour off to a cracking start

The dazzling intensity of the light in Perth—even in spring—really hits you when you first arrive. Sprawled out under some seriously big skies on the coastal plain between the hills and the Indian Ocean, the quality of the sunshine here is unlike any other capital city.

The Big Week Begins

Fifteen years ago I criss-crossed Australia in search of birds, trying to break the Australian twitching record for seeing more species than anyone had ever seen before. It was an amazing year and I saw so many of Australia’s incredibly beautiful birds- more than 700 of them!
Sean Dooley

Sean Dooley on national tour for #AussieBirdCount

To celebrate BirdLife Australia’s National Bird Week in 2017, Australia’s biggest bird nerd, Sean Dooley, is hitting the road for the ultimate #AussieBirdCount from Sunday 15 October until Monday 16 October 2017.

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