Registration Help

For 2023, we have created a new login process for the Aussie Bird Count that creates a global user account for you with BirdLife Australia. This new process will streamline all of your interactions with us, making for a much more user-friendly experience when submitting your count through the app or website, and any other BirdLife Australia activities you may participate in.

If you have not previously created a global BirdLife Australia user account with us, you will need to do so before registering for the Aussie Bird Count this year. This will also be the case, even if you have participated in the Aussie Bird Count previously. If you are unsure if you have a global user account with us, please click the ‘Create a New Account’ button as our system will recognise if you have an existing account.


  • If you are trying to login and the system doesn’t recognise your login details, try ‘Create a New Account’ to create your new global user account. Note, the password reset may not work because you don’t, in fact, have a global user account with us yet even if you have participated in the Aussie Bird Count before.
  • When creating your password, it needs to be at least 5 characters long. Anything less than 5 characters will not be accepted by the system.
  • Only one global user account is accepted per email address. If you wish to register a group for the Aussie Bird Count, please contact
  • If you haven’t received your verification, the most likely cause is an incorrectly entered email address. Please check and try again.
  • If you have any further trouble, or would like our assistance in setting up your global user account with BirdLife Australia, please contact us at or on (03) 9347 0757.

We look forward to welcoming you to the 2023 Aussie Bird Count!

Download the Aussie Bird Count app