Sam Cotton joins 2023 Aussie Bird Count as an ambassador

Writer, actor, animator and bird lover, Sam Cotton, joins the 2023 Aussie Bird Count.

We are pleased to welcome Sam Cotton back as an official ambassador for the 2023 Aussie Bird Count. Some of Sam’s favourite things in life are birds, hot chips, music and art. Sam let us know a little about himself and why he supports the Aussie Bird Count, read on below to find our more…

What’s your favourite thing about the Aussie Bird Count and BirdLife Australia?
I love how Birdlife prioritises the conservation of Australian birds and celebrates the vibrant and unique birds that we have in this country. The Bird Count is an important and enjoyable event that helps support and protect our birds.

Why birds?
Birds give me so much joy on a regular basis, so I want to support them any way I can.

How many years have you been involved with the Aussie Bird Count?
This will be my second year and I hope to be involved for many years to come.

How do you like to count birds during the Aussie Bird Count?
With a coffee and some binoculars.

What’s your favourite bird?
I have a strong connection with the seagull because hot chips are also my favourite food, so they’re up there, but I also love Kookaburras and Fairy Wrens.

What is your earliest bird memory?
I remember while running a race in primary school I got swooped by a magpie. It helped me speed up and go from 6th to 2nd place.

When it comes to identifying birds, would you say you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced birder?
I’d probably say beginner. There is so much to learn!

How often do you take time out of your busy schedule to get back to nature, and enjoy birding?
Every day. I go on walks especially just to have a squiz at what birds are knocking about.

What are you looking forward to the most about the Aussie Bird Count?
Just learning more about the birds in my area and really stopping to take in how truly amazing they are.

What advice do you have for someone doing their first Aussie Bird Count?
Have fun and get your family and mates involved. It’s not only a great way to take in nature but it’s a great way to support Aussie birds.

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