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In the backyard with… Les Moore

Les Moore says “bird watching is not just about the birds, it’s about the people you meet and the outdoor experiences you share”. Bird watching is a truly social activity and one of the highlights of Les’s year is volunteering with a bunch of like minded birders for the annual Orange-bellied Parrot surveys in one of his other backyards, the Coorong National Park. Several decades on from his introduction to birds and the natural world by his mum, his life continues to be filled with the joy of encountering a rare species for the first time, or seeing your everyday […]

Australians to discover if Rainbow Lorikeet is still the most common backyard bird

In less than one month, Australians will discover if the Rainbow Lorikeet—which has remained the most counted bird in Australia since the Aussie Backyard Bird Count began in 2014—is still one of the country’s most common backyard birds.

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