Support BirdLife Australia to help us stop extinctions.

Our Supporter Impact Report, which you can read below, is packed with stories and highlights from the last year, but Australian birds still need our help. Your donation today can make a life-saving difference to our precious birds. With your help, we can protect threatened birds and help prevent extinctions.

$30Help provide chick shelters on beaches! 

Baby beach-nesting birds need somewhere to run and hide from beach users walking past, off-leash dogs, and even hungry gulls! Your gift can provide simple protection like wooden shelters for chicks.  

$50 Help conserve urban habitats for Powerful Owls! 

The urban landscape is a hard place to live but the Powerful Owl makes it work! This gift can help conserve native bird diversity in busy urban spaces. We educate the public about owls, conduct surveys to find owls and track breeding successes so we can better protect these beautiful birds.  

$100 Help captive-bred birds when they are released into the wild! 

We work to support and release birds bred in captivity, to ensure they are released into a safe habitat, as well as monitor their ongoing progress. Your gift can help save birds like the Critically Endangered Regent Honeyeater. 

BirdLife Australia Supporter Impact Report 2021

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